Exciting News: Deci Raises $21 Million in a Series A Funding Round

We are happy to announce that Deci has raised $21 million in Series A funding, led by Insight Partners, alongside our existing investors, Square Peg, Emerge and Jibe Ventures, and new investors including Samsung Next, Vintage Investment Partners, and Fort Ross Ventures.

We’re grateful to have partners that share our values and believe in our mission to make AI efficient, accessible, and scalable for all organizations. 

Deci was built by deep learning developers, for deep learning developers. Our many years of hands-on experience, both in industry and in academia, led us to the realization that there must be a better way to maximize the full potential of deep learning projects and ensure that they are both successful and commercially viable. 

Deep learning models’ architecture and inference hardware are inextricably linked. However, in practice, a great chasm lies between them. To tackle this issue, we believe that the mitigation of production constraints should be shifted to the left and become an integral part of the model design phase. Deci enables organizations to cut the endless trial and error iterations during model design and training, and reach production grade performance faster.  We do this by providing deep learning developers with the tools they need to automatically design neural architectures that are tailored for their unique data and inference hardware.

Before celebrating our second year as a company this month, we welcomed the discovery of DeciNets, which marks a major milestone in our journey to democratize the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Neural Architecture Search for the AI community.

Our passionate team stays ahead of the curve, and we can’t wait to share the new solutions being developed.

Deci is proud to be serving a wide range of customers, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, something that would not be possible without our incredible team. We would like to thank our customers, industry partners, and team for making our growth possible!

We’re kicking off another year with big plans. With your support and feedback, we’ll also continue to expand the community offering of our Deep Learning Development Platform.

Given our rapid growth, we have dozens of open positions for talented people who want opportunities to build innovative solutions and make a difference to the deep learning community. Join us!

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