Developer Advocate

UK · Full-time

About The Position

Deci is the world’s most innovative deep learning platform, built for deep learning developers. Powered by our proprietary AutoNAC acceleration technology, we are enabling the future of deep learning-based applications across industries.

If you are a deep learning expert and you are passionate about connecting R&D teams with the most advanced products and technologies - this is the perfect opportunity for you!

As Deci’s developer advocate, you’ll lead the efforts in boosting our platform’s global awareness and manage all developer communications. You will help developers, across multiple industries, to understand how the Deci platform can supercharge their deep learning-based applications and make them more successful.


  • Native English speaker
  • BSc in computer science or other relevant fields
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in machine learning/deep learning development or engineering roles. Profound technical know-how in deep learning algorithms, including computer vision and NLP
  • Software development expertise across coding languages (Python), deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Pytorch), and production environments (AWS cloud, Docker containers)
  • 2+ years of experience working in developer relations (DevRel) roles. Proven success launching a thriving community for a developer product
  • Up-to-date and in-depth understanding of best practices in software engineering, agile development methodologies, tooling, testing, and documentation
  •  People-person who truly loves sharing and helping others. Solid intuition, passion, and empathy for technical communities.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide feedback to the entire organization, and specifically the product team, about the DX (developer experience)
  • Demonstrated ability to create sales and marketing assets targeted at developers.

Preferred qualifications

  • Previous experience in a startup environment
  • MSc or PhD in computer science or other relevant fields
  • Active content contributor in the ML domain
  • Previous experience with AI platform communities


  • Drive the overall awareness of the Deci deep learning platform within the developer community on all relevant channels, including social media.
  • Continuously develop dazzling examples and success stories that inspire and educate. Run benchmarks to measure the performance increase and overall impact of using Deci on applications.
  • Work closely with Marketing to write and deliver online courseware, blog posts, white papers, case studies, tutorials, and videos targeted at deep learning practitioners.
  • Help position Deci as a deep learning leader by speaking at industry events, webinars, meetups, and more.
  • Launch and grow the Deci community by helping developers solve problems, giving them a voice, and recognizing their achievements.
  • Track and prioritize applications that are not yet using Deci but would benefit from doing so.
  • Monitor Deci’s communication channels (such as Slack), answer questions and notify product/engineering/support teams when deeper assistance is needed.
  • Work with the product, engineering, and growth teams to improve the onboarding and overall experience of developers. May include documentation, tutorials/guides, FAQ, how-tos, UI experiments, code/notebook samples, etc.
  • Make it simple to contribute to Deci’s open-source projects.
  • Identify partnerships with other software and solutions partners to create transformative value for end customers via integrations.
  • Identify gaps and competitive threats, and communicate them to management.

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