Join Us at Deci!

Deci AI is a fast-paced startup, focused on building next generation AI that can automatically accelerate AI systems.

We value open-mindedness and communication, transparency, mutual respect, and trust. We believe that curiosity and attention to detail are required traits when tackling hefty challenges. We’re looking for talented engineers with the highest coding standards, especially those with versatile problem-solving skills who feel comfortable improvising in uncertain dynamic environments. We embrace a pragmatic, lean, and agile approach.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team!
Our office is located in Tel Aviv and easily accessed by public transportation, car, bike, or scooter.

Deep Learning Engineer

As part of the Deci team, you will gain knowledge and industrial proficiency in a broad spectrum of the most-advanced deep-learning architectures and concepts, while acquiring best practices.

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Deep Learning Research Engineer

As a deep learning research engineer, you will conduct research projects to advance the scientific front of AI. Your work will be done both solo and in collaboration with other deep learning engineers and researchers.

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Senior Backend Engineer

We’re looking for backend engineers who can solve complex system architecture challenges in the cloud, write production-grade code, and are familiar with the most advanced design methodologies.

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