Deci Attains AWS Independent Software Vendor Partner Status

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Tel Aviv, Israel, May 27th, 2021 – Deci, a deep learning company building the next generation of AI, announced today the official review and validation of its platform by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). Deci has now joined the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Path program within the AWS Partner Network (APN), the global partner program for technology companies using AWS.

Deci’s deep learning platform is revolutionizing AI use across industries by automatically transforming deep learning models to be ready for effective production at scale. Powered by its groundbreaking automated neural architecture construction (AutoNAC) technology, the platform enables developers to supercharge AI models and accelerate deep learning runtime by up to 10x on any hardware, for any task. Deci’s platform can redesign any deep learning model to maximize inference throughput and minimize inference latency (even up to real-time performance), all while reducing costs and preserving accuracy.

Deci attained its validation by undergoing a rigorous AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). Deci also demonstrated high growth potential and received strong endorsements from its existing clients in various industries including video conferencing, retail, healthcare, semiconductors, autonomous driving, and more.

“Our participation in the APN will enable us to reach more customers who can benefit greatly from our deep learning algorithmic platform, as it excels in optimizing deep learning workloads running on AWS and beyond,” said Yonatan Geifman, co-founder and CEO of Deci. “AI developers across industries continue to be bogged down by increasing algorithmic complexity, which keeps enterprises from productizing their solutions. Our platform excels in improving the efficacy of AI algorithms, thus freeing developers from the constraints of a complicated AI lifecycle and allowing them to focus on their forte – solving the world’s most complex problems.”

The announcement follows many notable milestones for Deci. Deci recently announced its status as a silver-tier member of the HPE Technology Partner Program. Prior to this, Deci was named to the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 List as a top deep learning accelerator and as a market leader in AI software optimization solutions by Kisaco Research. Deci also recently announced a broad strategic collaboration with Intel Corporation to optimize deep learning inference on Intel Architecture (IA) CPUs. The two are working together to deploy innovative AI technologies to mutual customers.

In 2020, Deci raised $9.1M in a seed round to further advance its deep learning platform.

More information can be found here on Deci’s relationship with AWS.

This announcement was originally published on Cision PRWeb.

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