Deci Joins NVIDIA Metropolis to Accelerate Unparalleled AI Inference Performance

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 4, 2022 – Deci, a deep learning company harnessing AI to build AI, today announced it has joined NVIDIA Metropolis — a partner program, application framework and set of developer tools that bring to market a new generation of applications and solutions to make the world’s most important spaces and operations safer and more efficient with advancements in AI vision.

Deci enables AI developers to build, optimize and deploy best-in-class deep learning models, delivering high accuracy tailored for any dataset, inference hardware, speed and size requirements. Its platform enables unparalleled inference performance on the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform — which includes the Jetson Orin, AGX Xavier, Xavier NX and Nano modules — as well as server-based NVIDIA GPUs. With Deci, vendors can deploy complex models onto smaller edge devices, thus achieving real-time latency and maximizing hardware utilization.

NVIDIA Metropolis makes it easier and more cost effective for enterprises, governments and integration partners to use world-class AI-enabled solutions to improve critical operational efficiency and safety problems. The NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem contains a large and growing breadth of members who are investing in the most advanced AI techniques and most efficient deployment platforms, while using an enterprise-class approach to their solutions. Members have the opportunity to gain early access to NVIDIA platform updates to further enhance and accelerate their AI application development efforts. Further, the program offers the opportunity for members to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

“We are honored to be part of NVIDIA Metropolis and confident that our participation will enable us to reach more customers to support them in successfully deploying world-changing AI solutions,” said Yonatan Geifman, CEO and co-founder of Deci. “AI teams can rely on Deci’s platform to build and optimize top-notch models at the edge, a real game changer for enterprises seeking to innovate.”

This announcement was originally published on Cision PRWeb.

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