Kisaco Leadership Chart on AI Software Optimization Solutions 2021: Deci AI

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Learn why Deci was named Market Leader in AI Software Optimization Solutions for 2021

The Kisaco Leadership Chart features and compares side by side leading players in software optimization solutions for artificial intelligence. It is an independent analyst review that—after reviewing multiple metrics such as technical features, market execution and strategy, and earning potential—recognized Deci as Market Leader.

In this report, you will read about:

  • A comprehensive overview of the AI software optimization category and solutions
  • Vendor comparisons and ranking
  • An in-depth profile of Deci and the factors that made Kisaco positioned it firmly as a leader

“Deci has moved rapidly for a newcomer to the field, with a strong go-to-market strategy and is also the top scoring KLC vendor in our technical assessment, with AISO suitable for both training and inference modes. Deci has advanced innovation in search for optimal neural network architectures. The solution excels in every area of our assessment.” – Kisaco Research

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