Webinar: Accelerate ResNet-50 Inference by Up to 5X with the Click of a Button

In this webinar, our product manager, Amir Servi, walks you through Deci’s Deep Learning Acceleration Platform. He demonstrates how to accelerate ResNet-50, optimizing a model’s inference by 5X and deploying it seamlessly to production. You’ll learn how to do the same for your model!

Deci’s deep learning acceleration platform enables AI developers to build, optimize, and deploy blazing-fast deep learning models on any hardware. With the platform, you can:

  • Accelerate inference on the cloud, mobile, or edge. Get 3x-15x speedup optimization for inference throughput/latency while maintaining accuracy, enabling new use cases on your hardware of choice.
  • Reach production faster. Shorten the development cycle from months to weeks with automated tools. No more endless iterations and dozens of different libraries.
  • Maximize the potential of your hardware. Scale-up with existing hardware. No need for infrastructure changes and extra costs. Gain up to 80% reduction in compute costs.

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