Webinar: The Making of YOLO-NAS, a Foundation Model, with NAS

This is a unique chance to learn about the making of YOLO-NAS, which is changing the landscape of object detection directly from its creators.

Watch the webinar to learn how we brought to life the world’s fastest object detection foundation model – YOLO-NAS.

What you’ll discover:

  • Explore the advanced techniques used in the design and training processes of YOLO-NAS.
  • Deep dive into Neural Architecture Search: Understand the practical applications and potential of NAS, and how it is reshaping the realm of computer vision and Generative AI.
  • Check out the Q&A sessions: Discover what the community is curious about YOLO-NAS, with answers directly by the trailblazers of Deci.

If you want to learn more about YOLO-NAS or building your custom model specific to your use case, book a demo here.

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