Deci Proud to be a Sponsor at NeurIPS 2020

NeurIPS, short for Neural Information Processing Systems, is one of the world’s quintessential machine learning and computational neuroscience conferences. Held every December, this is where the brightest minds in machine learning unveil their research and papers, conduct fascinating workshops, and talk about the future of ML. We are giving away a full-access NeurIPS ticket, scroll down to learn how you can win.

This year, NeurIPS 2020 is a purely virtual meeting running from Dec 6th – Dec 12th. Deci is proud to be a gold sponsor, alongside AI-focused companies like DeepMind, OpenAI, and Netflix, at such a prestigious event. Visit our virtual booth to hear more about:


Industry Tech Talks:

Our deep learning researchers are making breakthrough discoveries in machine learning areas as part of their academic work. Here are some of the topics they will be sharing at Deci’s NeurIPS 2020 virtual booth:

  • Explainable Recommendations via Attentive Multi-Persona Collaborative Filtering | Dec 8th, 11am PT
  • MadNet: Using a MAD Optimization for Defending Against Adversarial Attacks | Dec 9th, 11am PT
  • On the Similarity Between the Laplace and the Neural Tangent Kernel | Dec 10th, 11am PT


See Deci in Action:

  • What if AI Could Craft the Next Generation of AI? | Mon, Dec 7th, 10:30am PT A lecture by Yonatan Geifman, PhD, Deci’s CEO, about how our deep learning platform is capable of crafting and improving almost any given deep neural network.
  • Platform Demo & Coffee | Grab a cup of coffee and join our virtual booth for morning demo sessions (10am PT) to see how Deci's deep learning platform can help data scientists transform AI models into production-grade solutions on any hardware.

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