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Break AI Barriers, Unlock Business Growth.

Partner with Deci AI to help your customers win and scale with unparalleled inference performance and access to cutting-edge AI tools and expertise.

The world’s leading tech companies work with Deci. Together, we break down barriers to AI productization so our shared customers can grow and scale efficiently.

Why Partner with Deci

Investment ROI

Help your customers win by getting even with better performance on their hardware.

Streamline Hardware
Sales Process

Easily demonstrate the performance that can be achieved on your devices using the Deci platform.

Gain a
Competitive Edge

Be at the forefront of deep learning innovation and deliver added value to your customers.

Hardware Partners

Empower customers to reach new performance heights on your devices and get the most out of their hardware investment.

Cloud providers

Allow your customers to scale up inference cost efficiently with models that maximize GPU and CPU utilization and lower operational costs.

OEM & Resellers

Gain a competitive edge and scale your business by empowering your customers with cutting-edge AI tools and expertise.

“Deci delivers optimized deep learning inference on Intel processors as highlighted in MLPerf, allowing our customers to meet performance SLAs, reduce cost, decrease time to deployment, and gives them the ability to effectively scale.”

Monica Livingston
AI Solutions and Sales Director, Intel

“By collaborating with Deci, we aim to help our customers accelerate AI innovation and deploy AI solutions everywhere using our industry-leading platforms, from data centers to edge systems that accelerate high-throughput inference.”

Arti Garg
Head of Advanced AI Solutions & Technologies, HPE

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