Accelerate Your GenAI Projects with Efficient Models.

Leverage the power of high-performance LLMs  without compromising on cost, privacy or control.

Why Deci's Models?

Max Efficiency, Custom Fit

Deci’s AI models that are not just accurate but also exceptionally efficient, reducing operational costs and enabling scalable inference.

Ultimate Control

Achieve minimal latency for time to first response or lowest price per token by adjusting production settings to fit your needs.

Deploy on Your Terms

Deploy our models via API, in your Virtual Private Cloud, or directly on-site to gain at most control, keeping data in-house. Ideal for enterprises and handling of sensitive data.

What can you use Deci's models for?

AI Assistants

Improve customer service processes, automate business processes and provide answers from knowledge bases.

Text Generation: Transform Ideas Into Text

Enhance content creation, personalize marketing campaigns, generate product descriptions.

Text Summarization: Unlock Concise Summaries

Streamline reports, accelerate research analysis, and optimize customer service. Transform information overload into clarity and insight.

Try Deci's Efficient Models

Deliver superior accuracy and performance tailored for your needs.

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					from transformers import AutoFeatureExtractor, AutoModelForImageClassification

extractor = AutoFeatureExtractor.from_pretrained("microsoft/resnet-50")

model = AutoModelForImageClassification.from_pretrained("microsoft/resnet-50")