[Webinar] How to Boost Accuracy & Speed in Satellite & Aerial Image Object Detection

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Delve into the critical challenges of small object detection in satellite and aerial imagery, a prevalent issue spanning sectors from agriculture and smart cities to environmental monitoring and defense. Often represented by just a few pixels, small objects introduce significant hurdles, such as scant detail for recognition and high susceptibility to background noise.

This webinar highlights innovative solutions to these challenges, spotlighting the cutting-edge YOLO-NAS-Sat model.

Key takeaways:

  • State-of-the-art models: Discover YOLO-NAS-Sat and see how it stands up against the well-known YOLOv8 in small object detection tasks.
  • Specialized architectures: Delve into YOLO-NAS-Sat’s design, from backbone adjustments tailored for small objects to its innovative U-Net-style decoder that preserves critical details.
  • Optimization strategies: Gain actionable insights from Deci’s experiences in fine-tuning models on the Dota 2.0 dataset, a vast collection of aerial images.
  • Rethinking evaluation metrics: Investigate the shortcomings of traditional evaluation metrics like COCO mAP for small object detection, and consider alternatives, including [email protected] and distance-based metrics.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding and capabilities in small object detection. Watch now.

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