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Radically faster inference. Maximum efficiency. Deployed in days on any hardware.

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Deep Learning Has a Barrier

The productization of deep learning models is limited by constrained hardware, poor inference performance, high operational cost, and long development cycles.

Deci's deep learning platform optimizes your models to reach top performance and efficiency, while enabling seamless deployment in any production environment and hardware.

Introducing Deci’s

Deep Learning Platform

Deci’s deep learning platform automatically gears up your neural networks,
to become top-performing production-grade solutions on any hardware, at scale.

AI Crafted by AI
with AutoNAC™

Deci’s Automated Neural Architecture Construction is a cutting-edge algorithmic acceleration technology. It autonomously redesigns your deep learning models to amplify throughput and minimize latency, while preserving accuracy. AutoNAC™ is hardware-aware. It optimizes any model for the target host to reach top performance in production.

AutoNAC White Paper

Technical White Paper

Deci’s AutoNAC™ performs a smart high-speed search across a huge set of neural network architectures to aggressively speed up runtime, while preserving accuracy. We accomplish this by optimizing the fit between the neural network structure, the user’s dataset, and the target computing hardware. Download our technical white paper to read more.



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